Review notes August September 2017

The Parish of Saint Catherine & Saint James with Saint Audoen
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Organist: Derek Moylan

Service times every Sunday
10.00 Eucharist, St Audoen, Cornmarket. (Parking in Francis Street is free on Sundays)
11.30 Eucharist (and Sunday School, in term time) St Catherine & St James, Donore Avenue.
(Family Service and Church Coffee, usually Second Sundays)

A reflection on the retirement of April Cronin
It was lunchtime in September 1993 as I walked the short distance from the Rectory to St Catherine’s NS. I looked forward to collecting Seán from his first day at school; to hearing his news and how he had settled in with his new class mates. As I waited excitedly in the yard I chatted to another woman who confided that it was her daughter’s first day at St. Catherine’s too, and we laughed together as she explained that her daughter was Ms Cronin! And so began many happy years of the Crawford family’s association with St Catherine’s school with April at the helm. Together with Stewart, Seán and Stephanie, I send her our kindest regards and wish her well.
Lynda Crawford
Thank you!
I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you for your kind messages and words, and for participating so warmly last Friday evening in my “send-off”. Your flash-mob skills are amazing, you should all join choirs!
The school concert is always my favourite evening of the year, so I was delighted you chose it to be the setting for your farewell to me. It was beautifully organised by Karen, Des Cox, Tony Burgess and many others, to include so many things that are important to me – my family, my friends, songs and music, and above all, the children of St Catherine’s, who have been at the centre of my life’s work. And some lovely mentions of chess….
Your presents to me were magnificent; I love the two art works, and am going to have such fun spending the voucher, as we are having the house done up at the moment. Half the Marco Pierre White’s gift card is already gone, as Michael and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in style there on Sunday evening. Yum. Also yum to whoever chose that enormous box of Butler’s chocolates, they will last me the summer holidays (and if you believe that, you’ll believe anything!).
How lucky am I to have worked for so long in such a great place with such great people. Thank you all so much once again. I remember every child who has been at St Catherine’s since I started in 1993. As long as I live, I hope to remember you all and to recall the wonderful occasion that was last Friday night. And I did shed a few secret tears….
April Cronin
St. Catherine’s NS
Thank you all for the warm congratulations and best wishes and above all, the fantastic support that you have all shown towards me since my new appointment was announced.
It is the start of a new chapter in my career but also for the school. With adventures there is always some trepidation and nervousness. I am both excited and nervous about the weeks, months and years ahead but I can only promise you all that I will do my utmost to keep St Catherine’s being the vibrant, family friendly, child centred, happy community that it is.
I have no intentions on making huge changes in my first year but with new personnel and new roles to be filled there is always going to be change. It is how this change is handled by us all that will matter.
I have heard and have been asked questions regarding chess, orchestra and hurling, to name but a few. In St. Catherine’s we are lucky to have fantastic dedicated teachers who help to set up and maintain fantastic projects such as Playground Friends, Chess, Orchestra, Green Schools, Hurling, House Points etc. These are an integral part of who we are in St. Catherine’s, and so yes, all of these great things will continue and who knows what the future holds and what great projects may be set up in the school and area.
Having been at the helm for 24 years April has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that I can only hope I will gain after a similar timeframe! I know I will make mistakes but my classes have always been taught that mistakes are good, because we learn from them. I hope I don’t make too many and ask you all to bear with me whilst I find my feet.
Karen Jordan
Eco-Congregation Ireland
If you have any information or stories from your congregation, parish, meeting or Eco-Congregation I would love to hear from you at If you hold an event or meeting, or host our Climate Justice Candle, take some photos and I can include them in our newsletter and website. If you want your event promoted in our newsletter, please email us about 2 weeks before the newsletter is due out to ensure inclusion. Newsletters will be sent out at the end of July, September and November.
Karen Nicholson
Cumann Gaelach na hEaglaise
Saturday 26 August, Shillelagh Parish Church, Co. Wicklow Best wishes to our Chairman, Trevor Sargent made Deacon in Shillelagh Parish Church by Michael, Bishop of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory on Saturday afternoon 26 August, to serve as Deacon with Tullow Group of Parishes from September.
Trevor Sargent’s family have a traditional association with this Parish.
Ecumenical prayers in the Parish
Please pass on the announcement of the lunchtime prayer at St Finian’s Adelaide Road. As always everybody is invited to bring a packed lunch and to share time and conversation over tea and coffee in the Lutherhaus immediately afterwards. The Lunchtime Prayer will resume at one o’clock on Tuesday 5 September.
Martin Sauter