Church Review Notes September 2011

Sunday Services
10.00 Eucharist, St Audoen Cornmarket (parking in Francis Street).
11.30 Eucharist, St Catherine & St James Donore Avenue (service of the Word Second and Fourth Sundays).

In memoriam
Our condolences to the Revd Gregg Ryan of Kildare on the death of his Mother, Phyllis Ryan, at the age of 91. Gregg is chaplain to Iarnród Eireann at Houston Station, formerly Kingsbridge, in this Parish, and heritage officer. As many of the Anglican clergy seem to have a deep interest in railways, some ‘Review’ readers may be interested in the following from Irish Rail’s website.

‘Iarnród Éireann has inherited a rich legacy of architectural, industrial and social history stretching back for more than 150 years. The company’s heritage office is responsible for the conservation of the many protected structures, artefacts and installations across the network which reflects the distinctive styles of the companies which constructed the system.

Iarnród Éireann’s heritage policy, managed by heritage officer Gregg Ryan FCILT  is geared towards preserving what is best from the past in the context of the operating railway system, engaging with community groups and enthusiast bodies, and facilitating the operation of vintage steam trains over certain routes to cater for the growing railway tourist market in association with the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland.

Several publications have also been commissioned, with proceeds going to the railway pensioners’ CIÉ Welfare Association, while the company also co-operates with professional video and DVD production for international consumption.

Celebrations on significant anniversaries associated with the railway take place regularly at venues throughout the country, and archiving of written and photographic material, together with artefacts and items of rolling stock and motive power is ongoing.’

Birthday greetings
Congratulations to Violet Quill on her ninetieth birthday, marked by ‘Church Coffee’ and birthday cake the day before her birthday on Monday 1 August. Thanks to the volunteers who put the party together and provided the cake. There were just two candles, in the shape of a nine and a zero. Before she blew them out Violet remarked that the nine was upside down and should be a six!

Little links
The Vicar attended the funeral of the late Jim Condell at St Mary’s Crumlin, supported by a large number of friends and neighbours, from many of the city Parishes. Jim and Joan Condell were most helpful to the Vicar in receiving applications for help from the Harding Fund. Joan’s brother the Revd Tom Haskins was in attendance, with a number of colleagues. The singing was led by the Seafield Singers. Shortly afterwards, as I wished Eileen Walsh of this Parish a happy birthday, I learnt that Joan had baked Ken and Eileen’s wedding cake.

In last month’s Review, we read that John Gwynn, of St Ann’s Dawson Street, one of the family once famous in TCD, was in St Mary’s Hospital in the Park. By coincidence, he is in the bed next to my own Father, Fred or Allan Gardner of the High School Dublin. After some months in that rather dilapidated hospital, Father has greatly improved, so the paintwork may need attention but the medical care is excellent. We are surprised as well as delighted to be told to make preparations for him to return to his home of over ninety years in Phibsborough, in the Parish of Grangegorman.

At time of writing we look forward to another party after Church, on the occasion of a presentation to Nicola Halford, who will be ordained Deacon on 25 September at Christ Church Cathedral. The Parish will give her a set of stoles, the coloured vestment worn by a Deacon over one shoulder and by a Priest or Bishop over both. We will miss her very much and thank her sincerely for all she has done for her home Parish, her work in the Sunday School, and more recently for leading worship and preaching.

It was a coincidence that Dublin City Council asked Smith of Derby to examine the public clock at St Audoen’s House, at the same time as the Vicar sought their advice about the clock opposite, just across Cook Street, at St Audoen’s Church. They have recommended that the mechanism of our clock should be replaced, as it is, like so many electronic devices, becoming obsolete. Remarkable, that old clockwork clocks, pipe organs, and real bells are still functioning well and enhancing worship, at the hands of those who care for them. We are most grateful to them all, professional and amateur, for their devoted service.

Mark Gardner