Church Review notes July 2015

The Parish of Saint Catherine & Saint James with Saint Audoen
Canon Mark Gardner (Editor) Tel: 01 454 2274 Mobile 087 266 0228
The Revd Martha Waller (Curate-Assistant) Tel: 01 868 1655
Review Distribution: Doris Brooks Tel: 01 453 0887

Service times every Sunday
10.00 Eucharist, St Audoen, Cornmarket. (Parking in Francis Street is free on Sundays)

11.30 Eucharist (and Sunday School, in term time) St Catherine & St James, Donore Avenue. (Family Service and Church Coffee, Second Sundays)

First Wednesday of the Month
11.00 Service of Wholeness and Healing, Laying-on of Hands and Anointing.

Confirmation at Christ Church Cathedral
On Sunday 24th May 2015 we gathered to support Kyle Honer at Christ Church Cathedral as he was confirmed by Archbishop Michael Jackson. It was lovely to be so warmly welcomed to our diocesan Cathedral for the occasion.

Holy Baptism
Baptismal Register St. Audoen’s: Holy Baptism of Alex Paul Leslie Shelley Saturday 30 May 2015. Every blessing to Alex and his parents Lisa and Paul as he begins his Christian journey. Alex’s grandfather Leslie Taylor looked after the bells of Christ Church Cathedral for many years.

Parish Outing
Saturday 13 June 2015 was the wonderful day we joined together the annual Sunday School outing and a Parish outing. We went to Newbridge House Demesne, Donabate where the children and leaders enjoyed a visit to the Animal Farm and the adults enjoyed a fascinating guided tour of the house. We then had lunch in the Lady Betty Cobbe cafe. Afterwards the children had a wonderful time in the Fingal County Council maintained play park area. Many adults visited the Animal Farm and some enjoyed walking the grounds of the demesne after lunch. I think everyone agreed that the outing was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

End of Sunday School term
Sunday 14 June 2015 was the final Family Service and Church Coffee at St. Catherine & St. James Church for this Sunday School term. All the children took part in the service, with our two Confirmation Candidates, Lucy Hackett and Kyle Honer reading the lessons, the prayers led by James Cox, Adam Jordan, Kevin Honer, and Shalom and Eithne Ogbata, and the tiny children helping to take up the collection. All of the children took part in the address carrying flags in the Rainbow colours when the Revd. Martha Waller spoke on the theme ‘One more step’ by relating the Rainbow to our Journey of Faith.
Martha Waller

Bowls and Bowling
Margery Bell and Doris Brooks stayed at White’s Hotel Wexford recently for a bowling competition, in which Margery was a semi-finalist. While walking on the promenade a young woman with a microphone asked Doris about her visit to the sunny South-East. Doris received many messages and text messages when the interview was broadcast on RTE and was heard by friends and relations – a great surprise!
Mark Gardner
St Catherine’s NS
Next year looks like being another very exciting time for St Catherine’s. For the first time in our history we will have one teacher per class. While in some ways this will be very beneficial, in the sense of avoiding the awkward class splits we have had in recent years, it does mean that class sizes, especially at the younger end of the school, will be bigger than we would like. Class sizes in Ireland are among the highest in Europe, and now that the recession seems to be lifting, I think it’s something that could be an election issue next year….it’s up to the parents of Ireland to make sure that it is!

We will continue to use our prefab classrooms, and I think both children and teachers have found them very comfortable this year. We will also be using the small classroom at the end of the extension corridor. Space will be at a premium, with every room occupied for much of the day, and the playground was not designed for 200 children! However we have put a lot of effort in to providing extra play equipment and play ideas which don’t need as much space, and I must say that playtime seems as popular as ever.

Jayne Enright has resigned, and Rebecca Burke and Fiona Gillan are both taking career breaks for a year, and we will miss them all. Sharon Healy will be extending her maternity leave till after Christmas, and Caroline Brown will be on maternity leave for much of the next term as well. So there will be quite a few temporary posts, and we are interviewing next week for these. One teacher, Jane Honner (pronounced “honour”) is joining us from the Redeployment Panel, to replace Jayne Enright.

We benefitted from having a number of parent and community volunteers who came in to hear children’s reading in the senior classes. Would any other parents or grandparents like to do this next year? We ask for a commitment of just one hour per week (although of course you can do more if you wish!) Volunteers need to be Garda vetted, so now is an ideal time to fill in the form so we can be ready to go at the start of term. Let me know if you would like the form, or if you have any questions about it.
April Cronin
Molyneux’s Problem
There is among the ruins of St Audoen’s Church an inconspicuous monument to a philosopher, Dr William Molyneux, but I have learnt that he posed a question in 1688 about perception, sight contrasted with touch, which was discussed for the next three hundred years. There is still some doubt as to whether the problem has been solved. Rochus Aust of the First German Electrophonic Orchestra came to St Audoen’s recently in homage to Molyneux and to record an unusual range of sounds made by a strange variety of pieces of equipment. If you can find him online at, and if you can fathom what it’s all about, do let me know!
Mark Gardner