Church Review notes January 2015

The Parish of Saint Catherine & Saint James with Saint Audoen
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The Revd Martha Waller (Curate-Assistant) Tel: 01 868 1655
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Service times every Sunday
10.00 Eucharist, St Audoen, Cornmarket. (Parking in Francis Street is free on Sundays)

11.30 Eucharist, St Catherine & St James, Donore Avenue. (Service of the Word, or Family Service, Second and Fourth Sundays)

11.00 Eucharist or (third Wednesdays) Service of Wholeness and Healing, with Laying-on of Hands and Anointing, and a cup of tea.

In memoriam
In the month of December a faithful parishioner, Mabel Scott was laid to rest, having been immobilized for some years and unable to come to Church. Her niece Barbara Casey paid tribute to her, and other family members read scripture and poetry. The organ was played by her old friend from the Bowling Club, Margery Bell.

St Catherine’s NS
A big “thank you” to everyone involved for their magnificent efforts at the School Fair. Many people helped far above the call of duty, and there was a great turn-out of customers. Thanks also for your donations, and to all who participated in the charity-shop run. The total lodged to the bank was the fantastic sum of €4,775 (a couple of hundred of that will be used for certain expenses incurred).Well done indeed. The Christmas cards have been made by the children, and the school will make approximately another €800-900 from that initiative.
Other exciting news! The prefabs should be ready soon. 1st and 2nd class will then be moving into the new accommodation. More good news also is that the Minor Works grant from the Department of Education has been reinstated for this year and it will be worth about €8,000 to our school. So we should be able to afford that extra playground space.
We held interviews for two new permanent teaching posts in St Catherine’s and Stephanie McSweeney and Fiona Gillan have been appointed now in a permanent capacity. We welcome them warmly to the school community and I hope they will be very happy teaching here.
Dόnal Mac Con Iomaire, who has been teaching 2nd Class, has been appointed to the temporary position left vacant by Fiona’s promotion (covering Jayne Enright’s career break).
The teacher whom we had appointed for Sharon’s maternity leave was offered a longer term job, so he will not be joining us. As a result we have appointed Andrea Brocklebank to the position and she will be taking Sharon’s class in January. Donal will therefore remain with second class. We hope they will be very happy in St Catherine’s and I know you will give them your full support.
April Cronin.

Community Carols and an Epiphany Poem
On Sunday 14 December there was a Community Carol Service in St Catherine & St James’ Church. The Service was intended to reflect the wider community of this part of Dublin, the school, the scouts, St. Teresa’s Parish, the residents of the area, elected representatives and business people. Different readers representing the life of the community read a mix of poetry and other seasonal readings. There were also well-known carols for maximum congregation participation, led by ANTHEM, a wonderful multi-part choir, under the Musical Direction of Des Cox. The Service was be followed by refreshments, and good conversation and cheer. We were delighted to welcome Fr Cormac MacNamara on his first visit to us.

Councillor Daithí Doolin, another first time visitor, who read the following introduction.

‘It is not hard to imagine the sights, sounds and smells of the crowded inn. Friends and relatives have got together to celebrate; the place is packed. The weary are trying to sleep. The place is full to capacity. There is much conversation, eating and drinking, perhaps some singing and dancing. There is no room here for Mary who is about to give birth. There was, or at least appeared to be, no room at the inn.
Yet the innkeeper, busy, hard pressed, found room. He offered a space, however humble, to Joseph and Mary. Simple accommodation, and into it came the Christ Child. The innkeeper made room and Christ was able to enter into that place.
Amid all the busyness of Christmas, the activity that threatens to overwhelm us, Christ invites you to make room for him. To join with any or all of the festivities offered in this church, this community, this City. To hear the story of a child’s birth and rejoice with us that God comes where and when we make room. So that all can rejoice in this great mystery of a God who seeks to share in our daily lives. We celebrate the greatest of miracles that the Word is really made flesh and continues to dwell among us.
May Christ our infant saviour give you the joy of the Bethlehem Shepherds, the awe of the worshipping sages, and the humility and love of the Holy Family.’

Jean Cousins, Clinical Midwife manager at the Coombe Hospital, read ‘Bethlehem Lullaby’

There hath come an host to see Thee, Baby dear,
Bearded men with eyes of flame and lips of fear,
For the heavens, they say, have broken into blinding gulfs of glory,
And the Lord, they say, hath spoken in a little wondrous story,
Baby dear.

There have come three kings to greet Thee, baby dear,
Crowned with gold, and clad in purple, they draw near.
They have brought rare silks to bind Thee, at Thy feet, behold, they spread them,
From their thrones they sprang to find Thee, and a blazing star hath led them,
Baby dear.

I have neither jade nor jasper, baby dear,
Thou art all my hope and glory, and my fear,
Yet for all the gems that strew Thee, and the costly gowns that fold Thee,
Yea, though all the world should woo Thee, thou art mine – and fast I hold Thee,
Baby dear.