The Parish of Saint Catherine & Saint James with Saint Audoen

St Audoen’s Cornmarket, 10.00 Eucharist (every Sunday)

St Catherine & St James, Donore Avenue, 11.30 Service of the Word (Eucharist on the first Sunday of the month)

St Catherine & St James
Thank you to the four volunteers who put up the tree and decorated the Church for Christmas. It is a Church which lends itself to decoration and with the fine tree looked very festive. There was a time when I didn’t like artificial flowers but a friend pointed out that the carbon footprint of blooms is considerable if they are flown in from Kenya. And, he said, I was paying for them with money on which I had already paid income tax! I have also been converted to the idea of battery powered candles, because the wax pillar candles we have been using have been difficult to maintain.

Holy Trinity CSI Congregation Dublin is with Revd Jenu John.
As a Church, it was a memorable day for us, as God has helped us to do two important dedications. Praise be to God that we could buy a Keyboard (Yamaha SX 900) and dedicate it during the service. The other dedication is of a car, that we with the support of parish members bought for the use of our present vicar and family and his successors. Revd Jenu John led the dedications in the presence of the congregation. Praising and thanking God for the many fold blessings we as a church has been receiving. Mrs. Blessy Varghese was appreciated by the Vicar for successfully completing MSc Nursing from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Make A Star Competition 2023
This year as part of the Christmas celebration, when I suggested to make a star with the materials easily available, I wasn’t sure, that people will get time and materials to make this happen amidst their busy schedules. But to my surprise and excitement 12 families made stars brought it on the carol day. Each had a story to tell, behind it’s making… One among them, in fact the first prize winner said that they were assisted by their neighbouring family who are from a different religious background, spent time with them till 2.AM the night before the carol to complete this. This was the soul and motive of this initiative… Though I focused it among the family members only, it transcended many walls. The one message that I wanted to convey through this competition is the blessedness of being together and doing together.

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