Church Review Notes November 2014

The Parish of Saint Catherine & Saint James with Saint Audoen
Canon Mark Gardner (Editor) Tel: 01 454 2274 Mobile 087 266 0228
The Revd Martha Waller (Curate-Assistant) Tel: 01 868 1655
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Service times every Sunday
10.00 Eucharist, St Audoen, Cornmarket. (Parking in Francis Street is free on Sundays)

11.30 Eucharist, St Catherine & St James, Donore Avenue. (Service of the Word, or Family Service, Second and Fourth Sundays)

11.00 Eucharist or (third Wednesdays) Service of Wholeness and Healing, with Laying-on of Hands and Anointing, and a cup of tea.

Diary Dates
Sunday 9 November 11.30 Act of Remembrance with the 35th Dublin Scouts, Donore Avenue, followed by Service of the Word (and Sunday School).

Family Service, followed by Church Coffee, will move to Sunday 24 November 11.30, when a memorial to the late Barbara Jackson will be dedicated. The memorial reads: IN LOVING MEMORY OF BARBARA JACKSON 1939 – 2012 A FAITHFUL FRIEND AND A GENEROUS BENEFACTOR OF THIS PARISH CHURCH. LORD, I HAVE LOVED THE HABITATION OF THY HOUSE: AND THE PLACE WHERE THINE HONOUR DWELLETH’

Holy Baptism
Heidi Victoria Mulhall, daughter of Suzanne and Peter Mulhall, was baptised in St. Catherine & St. James’ Church on Sunday 21st September, 2014.
Her Godparents are Thomas and Valerie Duff and her grandparents are Ken and Olive Wilkinson. Her aunt, Jane read a lesson, and her cousin Brooke carried the baptismal candle and her cousin Olivia poured the water into the font. We wish Heidi Victoria every blessing as she begins her journey of faith.

Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration at St. Audoen’s Church
On Sunday morning 28 September there was a wonderful Harvest Thanksgiving Eucharist followed by an afternoon of Bach incorporating several cantatas and orchestral arrangements. The musical and singing ensemble was led by Killian Farrell, organist at St. Audoen’s. Our thanks to Killian who assembled many of Dublin’s fine young musicians and talented singers in celebration of Harvest. All donations were given to Threshold, a national housing charity.
Martha Waller
This year Harvest celebrations at St Audoen’s fell on the weekend of 19 – 21 September. Planning decorations we bore in mind our Church being visited by the general public on Culture Night. All who visit St Audoen’s church and Visitor Centre get a brief insight into how people lived and worked through the centuries in Dublin. A millennium ago there was an orchard in what is now Francis Street, the bakers worked on Cooke Street (outside the city walls) and the fish merchants were on Fishamble Street. The streets near St Audoen’s still, to this day, have market stalls selling fruit and vegetables, bread, fish and meat. So foods available throughout the centuries became the theme for decorating the church this year. Lettuce is an ancient vegetable, native to the Mediterranean. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans ate lettuce. Potatoes are native to South America and were introduced by the Spanish at the end of the 16th century. The first recorded sale of bananas in England was in 1633. Mustard was well known in the Ancient Middle East and it is mentioned in Matthew 17.20. We are blessed to have such a variety of fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices. We may take for granted their nutritional value, their use for many cures and tinctures and forget to appreciate their ‘creation’, so at this time of year, it is good that we celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving.
Great God, who madest all for man,
All life on earth, fruit, flower and field
Who o’er the wide world’s widest span,
Dost make them all their blessings yield
O help us, Lord, as in thy sight,
All these gifts to use aright
Godfrey Thring, 1823–1903
Valerie Thomas
St Catherine’s NS
In September, the Principal reported ‘Enrolment: 183’ to the School Board. ‘As a result, we have our numbers for the extra two class teachers….just! So I will be an administrative principal for at least the next two years and we should have two new permanent class teaching posts awarded by the Department of Education. We appointed a teacher, Stephanie McSweeney, to one of the two temporary posts in June. Stephanie had done teaching practice at two different class levels in our school and had been very impressive. The second post was offered to two teachers who had subbed for us in the past and had been very good staff members, but both declined as they were looking for more long-term posts. In August, we advertised the position on and we interviewed four candidates. We appointed Donal Mac Con Iomaire to the second post.’
April Cronin
DCI – Dublin Cultural Institute
A student of DCI, Walmir Américo, from Brazil, is the most recent person to move into the Rectory, bringing his clown suit and a guitar. You can see more about him on his Facebook page. He joins clergy and laymen from Ireland, Canada, Estonia and Ethiopia, making the house a centre of activity to the benefit of several Christian communities in Dublin. The Parish continues to support the life and worship of the Church of South India and of the Estonian Lutheran Church.

St Finian’s Church
At the Lutheran Church recently there was standing room only for the farewell Service for Joachim and Corinna Diestelkampf, who are returning to Germany. As well as a large congregation there was a Gospel Choir and a Childrens’ Choir, singing in several different languages, and many members of the Dublin Council of Churches, including the new Chair, Fr Damian McNiece, the first ever Roman Catholic to occupy that position. Church of Ireland, Quakers, Salvation Army and so on were all represented. The two of them have presided over the development of the ministry of the German Lutheran Church in Ireland, and the building of a large extension, between the Clergy House and the Church, a very useful place of meeting and hospitality. The Church is occasionally used by the Moravian Church as well.
Mark Gardner