Church Review notes May 2014

Saint Catherine & Saint James with Saint Audoen

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Service times every Sunday

10.00 Eucharist, St Audoen, Cornmarket (without variation).

(Parking in Francis Street is free on Sundays).

11.30 Eucharist (and Sunday School in term time), St Catherine & St James, Donore Avenue.

(Service of the Word, Second and Fourth Sundays. Family Service, Second Sundays, from time to time).

Easter flowers

Many thanks to a kind donor who paid for the Easter flowers at St Catherine & St James in memory of her Mother.

Wedding anniversary

All good wishes to Charlie and Irene Webb of St Catherine & St James on their fiftieth wedding anniversary, celebrated on the weekend of Palm Sunday, marked with some small gifts and a card signed by the congregation at Family Service, followed by Church coffee and the Easter Egg hunt in the Rectory Garden. Many thanks to the many willing volunteers who got everything ready for all these special events!

On placement

We look forward very much to Suzanne Cousin’s time with us, and we hope that she will preach on Sunday 11 May. This is part of her training as a candidate for the ordained ministry, and we wish her every blessing for the future within the life of the Church.

Emmaus, the Way of Faith

On Ash Wednesday 5 March 2014 an Emmaus Course began at St Catherine & St James, an initiative of the recent Parish consultation.  A small group met each Wednesday evening during Lent.  This course is designed for people wanting to explore their faith in Christ and the Church’s life.  As we have only one Confirmation candidate this year, we invited him with his parents to follow this course as he prepares to publicly make his commitment at Christ Church Cathedral on Pentecost afternoon.

We followed Part 1 of the nurture section of the course, with the overall theme ‘What Christians believe.’ We took a couple of verses each week from St. Luke’s account of the Walk to Emmaus, and explored these in the light of the course materials provided. The course was greatly enhanced by those who led two evenings each, Valerie Thomas, Stephen Winder-Baggott and the Revd Martha Waller.

In the Emmaus story Cleopas and his companion were slow to recognize Jesus but their eyes were opened in the breaking of the bread. On Wednesday evening in Holy Week the course group met to celebrate the Eucharist. We opted for the Eucharistic Prayer for use when children are present, which contains questions asked by a child and answered by someone senior, echoing the tradition of teaching, within a family, celebrating the Passover. The questions were asked by Prev Ogbata, our youngest member and a Confirmation candidate, and were answered by the Revd Martha Waller.

Why do we give our thanks and praise?

Because God is love, and God does wonderful things.

Why do we share this bread and wine?

Because they show the love of Jesus for us.

How do we follow Jesus Christ?

By loving God and our neighbour.

Martha Waller

Culture in Church

Once again, St. Audoen`s hosted a beautiful concert of classical and contemporary classical music, that brought amazing voices to a large audience. It was hard to find a spare seat and people flocked outside the main doors long before they opened. Musical enjoyment is greatly contributed by the acoustics of this medieval church and there was no additional sound equipment or microphones used this time. Candlelight provided atmosphere exactly right for the occasion.

It was an acoustic concert for soprano, cello and zither performing works of Arvo Pärt and others. Cellist Aare Tammesalu operates mainly as soloist and chamber musician, performing classical and contemporary music. The leading Estonian professional zither-player Kristi Mühling has dedicated herself to introducing it as a versatile musical instrument. As one of the founder members of ensemble Resonabilis and Una Corda, she has performed at different festivals all around the world. Both Aare and Kristi have performed in Dublin and Ireland several times before and they are currently cooperating with several Irish conductors writing music especially for their trio so there might be a chance to hear them in Dublin again!

The lovely concert was a nice treat for lovers of classical music and the audience included Ambassador of Estonia, Mr. Martinson and above mentioned conductors from Ireland and some musicians from Dublin. All performers, Estonians in Dublin and Estonian Embassy in Dublin would like to thank Church of Ireland and Canon Mark Gardner for the opportunity of having such an event in such a beautiful church. Special thanks to OPW museum!

Hopefully in the future, we have more of such a great cultural treats to offer to the parishioners of The Church of Ireland and people of Dublin.

AJ Ragastik Estonians in Dublin / Estonian Lutheran Church in Ireland

Unexpected references to the Book of Common Prayer

Church Times: Junior champ: Omkaar Divekar (Rochester), the winner of this year’s Prayer Book Society’s Cranmer Award for juniors. Omkaar, in Year 9 at the Judd School in Tonbridge, Kent, won his section of the competition by reciting from memory sections of the Book of Common Prayer.

Irish Times: Books that define Ireland: Cré na Cille. Irish drama is filled with corpses that sit up and talk again in a style of sudden truculence and with characters intent on addressing their dead. All of this may be a centuries-long infraction of the Book of Common Prayer, whose funeral service insists that the dead can no longer be talked to – they can only be talked about, since they must be presumed to be beyond human contact. But Cré na Cille is the grand climactic statement of the fact that in Ireland the dead have not just voices but votes, not just unresolved grudges but unfulfilled loves. Declan Kiberd.