Church Review notes June 2015

The Parish of Saint Catherine & Saint James with Saint Audoen
Canon Mark Gardner (Editor) Tel: 01 454 2274 Mobile 087 266 0228
The Revd Martha Waller (Curate-Assistant) Tel: 01 868 1655
Review Distribution: Doris Brooks Tel: 01 453 0887

Service times every Sunday
10.00 Eucharist, St Audoen, Cornmarket. (Parking in Francis Street is free on Sundays)

11.30 Eucharist (and Sunday School, in term time) St Catherine & St James, Donore Avenue. (Family Service and Church Coffee, Second Sundays)

Wednesday 1 July
11.00 Service of Wholeness and Healing, Laying-on of Hands and Anointing.

Holy Baptism
On Sunday 10 May we welcomed to Family Service Jay Jay Briggs McCarthy together with his Mum Mary, Granny Rosaleen, and Godmother Beatrice to St Catherine & St James’ Church for his Holy Baptism. Afterwards we all enjoyed Church Coffee and refreshments in the Transept. We wish Jay Jay every blessing as he begins his journey of faith.
Martha Waller
Will you come?
On Saturday 13 June 2015 the Sunday School excursion will take place. This year we are inviting parishioners to join the children and their leaders on their annual outing. Do let us know if you would like to come! We plan to go to Newbridge House, Donabate. The adults will enjoy a guided tour of the house and the Sunday School children and leaders will savour all the delights of the Animal Farm. Everyone will enjoy lunch in the Cobbe Cafe and afterwards we will spend time in the extensive parklands and play area for the children. With everything planned now all we need is a promise of a good day out.
Martha Waller
Merchants Quay
The Parish recently received a request from Merchants Quay Ireland for a monetary donation towards the funding of the Night Café project. We immediately sent them a cheque. In addition, Tony Geoghegan, in charge of the agency, writes: “Just weeks ago at MQI we took a leap of faith. Today I want to ask if you could please take the next step, beside us. It was 11:00pm on an icy January night when the door to Merchants Quay’s new Night Cafe – the only midnight-to-dawn service of its kind in Ireland for people with entrenched homelessness – opened for the first time. We had no guarantees, only provisional State funding. And a gap remained in what I still hope can become a 24-hour wraparound service. On that night though, I vowed we would try, in honour of those who hadn’t survived-and for the anxious faces queued outside in the darkness. But I need to ask: could you take this next step for MQI and the Night Cafe?”
The Night Cafe is a place that’s warm, clean and where clients can take a shower in safety and warmth. I’ve been in touch with two women from MQI and they have told me the items on their wish list: shampoo; shower gel; toothpaste/toothbrushes; towels/small/large; socks/jocks (new please); clients of Night Cafe are 80% men and 20% women. We in the parish are concentrating on these smaller items for the moment. There is also a request for outdoor clothing suitable for all weathers and as it is coming into the summer, for sunscreen, as their clients are constantly exposed to the elements and get burnt in good weather. We have only launched our appeal in the last couple of weeks and I’m delighted with the response so far. Any support we receive from others would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your interest in our project. With every blessing,
Martha Waller
St Catherine’s NS
Over the past two years we have worked hard in St Catherine’s NS to establish the Aistear Curriculum from Junior Infants to First Class. The children have been engrossed in active learning, peer tutoring and child lead learning on a daily basis. With the summer now upon us we would all like to be able to make more use of the outside space in school. At present we have a play house, a sand pit and a water bath. We also have off cuts of bamboo and wooden flooring and plastic tubing. I’m writing to you now in the hope that we can all work as a community and help to stock our ‘outside classroom’. We are a long way from achieving this ambition, but one can wish!
How can you help? Look in your sheds, attics, cupboards and under the beds and stairs. If you are on the beach or elsewhere look out for treasures! The objects do not need to be new but need to be safe for the children to use – no rust or sharp edges. If any natural materials are being used and brought in, I would ask you to be mindful of where these are being taken from and how it may affect the environment.
We are looking for : Shells, Pine cones, Tree stumps – for stools, Old baking trays and tins, Stones – large and small, Large wooden or plastic spools (used for cables), Pebbles, Sponges, Old saucepans, Colanders/sieves, Play people, Toy cars, Plastic animals, Plastic containers, Old kitchen utensils – ladles, serving spoons, mashers, tongs, Plastic boxes/crates, Plant pots, Buckets and spades, Twigs, Sticks, Bricks – real but small – red bricks would be ideal! Off-cuts of wood, Tea sets, Tubes, Chalk, Basins, Sink unit, Old metal xylophone, Driftwood, Raingear (trousers and coats) in children’s sizes that is no longer needed but in good condition! YOU – any handy mum and/or dad capable of DIY, we’d like to add you to a list as we have no caretaker to help us install and construct our ideas.
Ideally I would hope to have a large storage box for each of the above, stored in the shed or under cover so the children can build, discover and create outside just as they do inside. Have a look at the pictures of our ideas and if you have any ideas that you are willing to share, please let us know!
Karen Jordan